Reliable, Repeatable Precision

Measurement and inspection of materials for flaws that determine fitness for use, requires reliable precision. Qi2 instruments repeatedly set new quality standards and have improved measurement and inspection results for critical materials and components used in automotive, aerospace, aviation and energy, industries.

Qi2 is unmatched in its expertise, experience, and the ability to deliver the market with distinctive proprietary solutions which apply laser, electromagnetic, ultrasonic or infrared based technologies.

We offer a portfolio of four standard measurement / inspection systems. We also build and deliver custom instrumentation for both government and private industry to fit almost any need or challenge.


Magneto - Optic Imaging Systems

Our advanced MOI systems provide improved solutions to inspect in-service aircraft skin for cracks and corrosion to meet AASR compliance requirements.
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Hose Measurement System

The LOTIS® QC-20 has become recognized as the system that sets the standards for hose measurement in the automotive industry.
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Induction Thermography System

Created for inspection of the F-15, the ITSTM  is highly effective at detecting disbonds in composite materials. It is the superior solution for inspecting large surface areas, or identifying characteristics of smaller flaws.
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Stator Inspection System

Uniquely designed to measure irregular tubular dimensions, the LOTIS QC-40 executes rapid, automated measurement and inspection of critical stator cores to determine fitness for use.
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Thread Measurement System

Through the application of advanced laser measurement and vision technologies, Qi2 delivers the first true full-form non-contact thread measurement system for API, Semi-Premium, and Premium threads. 
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LOTIS is a registered trademark of Qi2/QUEST Integrated, LLC.