Crystal Growth Production

Single crystal oxides

You have a crystal prototype, maybe from your own lab, maybe from us, maybe from another lab. It's probably small and maybe not of such good quality, but most of all there is only one. It is the enabling technology for a product or application. It does exactly what you want it to do and you would like more, bigger and better. What do you do now? You could hire a crystal grower, build a lab, set up the infrastructure, invest in platinum crucibles, and take a couple of years at it. You could go to a crystal growth company, but increasingly those are offshore and not exactly preferred for defense and homeland security applications.

Qi2 is your domestic solution for production of oxide crystals by high temperature solution growth. We can perform Top Seeded Solution Growth or Liquid Phase Epitaxy. Our full capabilities are given under Crystal Growth Research and Development. We can take output of our own R&D or a technology transfer. Let us know about your needs.