The Standard for Hose Measurement

With its repeatability of ±0.0001 inch, the laser-based LOTIS® QC-20 has set a new standard in hose measurement precision.

The QC-20 is the fastest and most accurate non-contact measurement system available for hose inspection. Operator error is virtually eliminated due to the QC-20’s precise, simultaneous measurements, which gages dimensions with no product distortion.

  • Measure straight, oval, and curved hoses
  • No product distortion
  • Captures 4 simultaneous measurements:
    Hose ID
    Hose OD
    Wall Thickness
    Wall Variation
  • Measurement cycle of 4 seconds
  • Track sample deviations in real-time
  • Meet exact product tolerances for customers
  • Reduce costs from waste, returns and warranty issues
Use for:
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Trains
  • Industrial

What our customers say about the QC-20

"No other device can eliminate disagreements between supplier and customer like the QC-20"

"The QC-20 is pushing the entire industry to adopt a better standard."

"The QC-20 has given us trouble-free service and established a standard for hose measurement, with no operator discrepancy"


Fast measurement = Higher throughput!

1600 equally spaced data points are captured with every data set. The QC-20 produces more data than any other system available - and does it faster. The operator simply places the hose section on the end and presses a button to record measurements, which takes only 4 seconds. The result is higher throughput rates and significant savings – realized through reduced labor costs, material waste and fewer returns and warranty issues.

Imagine a GR&R of less than 10.7% - you can have it

QC-20 Specifications

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