General Instrumentation

Customized Solutions

Qi2 has repeatedly met customer requirements to devise and develop special purpose software, robotics, electrical and measurement instruments expressly unique to an application. These have ranged from oceanic measurement systems to thread inspection systems which use a vision-based inspection process to profile complex thread characteristics.

Ship Deployable Wave Mapping BuoySequoia ScientificOceanographic - Capillary and Gravity Wave mapping
Auto-telem Automatic Frame Formatting SoftwareU.S. Air Force
Eclipse Aviation
Aerospace - Air Vehicle Telemetry Optimization
Cup Inspection SystemU.S. ArmyAutomated Munitions Inspection - Product control
Cartridge Manufacturing Control SystemIsraeli Military IndustriesAutomated production control - Munitions manufacturing
Wide Area Survey Platform (WASP)U.S. Air ForceAircraft/Storage Tanks - Large area surface scanning manipulator
Reformer Tube CrawlerQuest IntegrityProcess furnace - Reformer tube inspection
GPS Denied Facility Mapping SystemConfidentialFacility mapping
RWD - Rolling Weight DeflectometerU.S. Air Force
Civil Government
Runways and highways - Pavement inspection
Thread-View® System Model 3625Quest MetrologyExternal thread form inspection