Laser-based Systems

Laser Profilometry and Laser Alignment Systems

Qi2 is a pioneer in developing laser-based technology applied to non-destructive testing (NDT) and measurement. Applying laser-profilometry (LOTIS®) and laser alignment methods, Qi2 has developed specialized solutions required of branches of the military as well as for commercial applications ranging from aviation to road inspection.


Laser Profilometry Systems

A non-contact NDT technique which utilizes single or multiple low-powered lasers to profile the surface of an object, including flaw characterization. Qi2 developed its core LOTIS® (Laser Optic Tube Inspection System) in 1987 for the Navy to inspect boiler reformer tubes. LOTIS® has repeatedly been applied since then to perform critical (often first time) measurement and inspection for many specialized components of cylindrical bore and irregular geometries.


Solid Rocket Booster InspectionATK/ThiokolNASA - Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) O-ring groove inspection
Gun Barrel Inspection (120/155 mm)U.S. ArmyMilitary - M1 Abram tank barrel and 155 mm cannon inner surface inspection
Dock Mounted Wave Mapping SystemU.S. Navy - ONROceanographic - Wave mapping
LOTIS® QC-20 - Hose Inspection SystemMultiple customersHose inspection - Automotive parts and manufacturing / assembly
LOTIS® QC-20/SRB ProbesMultiple customersMeasurement probes for hard to access areas
LOTIS® 400 / 400 ProbesU.S. Navy/
Quest Integrity
Boilers - Heat exchanger
ID mapping for pit measurement
LOTIS® 200KAPL / B&WClassified naval application
QC-10Philip MorrisProduction QC - Small dia. complex geometry inspection
LOTIS® 600Quest IntegrityReformer tube inspection system
LOTIS® API Thread ProfilerQuest MetrologyAPI Int./Ext. thread form inspection
Department of Defense
First generation internal thread gauging system
In-process ID Thread MeasurementGeneral DynamicsIn-process thread measurement
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Propeller Blade Inspection SystemHamilton StandardPropeller blades/ID mapping
LOTIS® Nozzle Inspection SystemGE NuclearNuclear Power – Reactor: Underwater surface profiler for a reactor
LOTIS® QC-40 Stator Inspection SystemMultiple customersOil and Gas - Progressive cavity pump stator inspection


Laser Alignment Systems

Laser beams provide a precise, line of sight (LOS) reference, which even over distance will determine straightness or a deviation from target to within thousandths of an inch. From improving the shooting accuracy of soldiers to aligning the fuselage elements of large body aircraft, Qi2 solutions deliver precision measurement with repeatable reliability.


EUCLID Laser Alignment SystemBoeingAircraft assembly - Model 777
Livermore Labs
National Ignition Facility (NIF),
Fusion-research lasers alignment
Skin Mill Alignment SystemBoeingAircraft assembly
Small Arms Target TrainerU.S. ArmyAnalysis of shooter's aiming process

LOTIS is a registered trademark of Qi2/QUEST Integrated, LLC.