Unmatched in diversity and expertise

Our many years experience in the delivery of single path as well as integrated engineered solutions has equipped Qi2 with a highly developed and diverse set of capabilities. From our enhanced abilities at cross-discipline development to the multi-discipline application of systems expertise and knowledge of an array of essential technologies, clients will find what they need at Qi2 to leverage the building of generationally improved and first-of-kind solutions.

Approach & Management:

Qi2’s approach and project management practices are optimized to support one-of-a-kind and prototype engineering challenges

Technology agnostic:

We weigh and select the best solution and modality that will deliver required reliability and performance.

Cross-discipline development:

The expertise to manage integrated development of components or systems which require multiple disciplines to produce.

Blank sheet > prototype:

Our abilities range from projects only defined in terms of a need to the delivery of a generational prototype.

Low volume production:

We are adept at the optimized production of limited volume specialty components and systems.


Qi2 is skilled at designing and working with multiple modalities

Sensors / Sensor modes

  • Single and integrated application


  • LOTIS®
  • Laser Profilometry
  • Measurement
  • Alignment


  • Compression wave
  • Shear wave
  • Guided wave
  • EMAT


  • Simulation
  • Eddy current
  • Magnetic-optical Imaging (MOI)
  • Magnetic flux leakage (MFL)
  • Giant magnetoresistance (GMR)
  • Microwave


Decades developing complex one-of-a-kind systems has equipped Qi2 with a rare-to-find multi-disciplined expertise


  • Analog and digital
  • FPGA / Signal processing
  • Miniaturization
  • Battery-powered


  • Packaging
  • Mechanisms
  • Delivery systems


  • Certified LabVIEW developer
  • Assembly language
  • C++/Visual Basic / DSP

Micro optics

  • Refractive / Diffractive and Hybrid
  • Laser-beam generated
  • Single and stacked


  • Infrared inspection
  • Excitation methods
  • Simulation


  • Hard-to-reach spaces
  • Tubular forms
  • Complex geometry


Tap into four decades of experience bringing paradigm shift technologies to hard-to-change industrial markets

User adoption

  • Champions role
  • Documentation
  • System training
  • Simulations

Industry standards

  • AIA, API, ASME, IEEE, SAE, et. al.
  • New standards

Paradigm shifts

  • Protocols
  • New technology introduction