Engineered Solutions

Dedicated problem solvers

Qi2’s scientists, engineers and technicians are really problem solvers. Through our team’s collective knowledge and resources, Qi2 customers have access to unparalleled expertise and experience in the key engineering fields applied to develop and produce next generation technologies.

Our pioneering work across a host of technologies (laser profilometry, machine vision, robotics, microelectronics, electromagnetic simulation, material research and computational measurement of complex geometries) is mated to a practical knowledge of the range-in-coverage and best use for different measurement modalities. Supported by our advanced production facilities, this applied combination equips us with unique-in-industry capabilities.

The strategic leverage of this collective asset pool enables us to move from solving a core engineering problem to the delivery of working prototypes of highly customized solutions – and support our customers with any stage of work required in-between.

engineered solutionsengineered solutionsengineered solutions


Historical Work


Four decades of experience serving military and industry backs our capabilities to solve from basic engineering challenges to delivering complex system prototypes.The best view into what we can do today is exemplified by the many complex and difficult challenges Qi2 has met for clients in the past.From printed electronics manufacturing to crystal growth labs, Qi2 owns a diversity of research, engineering and production assets rarely found in private industry.
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