History Timeline

2011 - Tomorrow
  • Qi2 is selected as the new company brand.
  • Qi2 joins with Quest Integrity Group and Quest Metrology in relocation to new centralized corporate headquarters, Quest Center.
  • Qi2 expands business line capabilities in Electronic Printing and Materials Development with investments into electronic printing lab with an advanced Optomec Aerosol Jet 300 System, and the construction of a crystal growth development lab.
  • Qi2 brings to market services program for contract electronic printing by private industry, providing access to one of only 16 Aerosol Jet Systems then installed in the US.
  • Qi2 will continue to refine and expand its engineering and development capabilities and work to bring valuable new technologies to market. In keeping with the prevailing company strategy, we will further expand both vertically and horizontally as fits the company’s core competencies and customer needs.
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