History Timeline

1970 - 1985 Technology Roots
  • Flow Research, Inc.
    Founded in Kent, WA by former scientists at Boeing Research Laboratories.
    Purpose - Develop commercial solutions through strategic leveraging of pure R&D grants that have cross-over potential for use in industry.
  • FlowMole Corporation
    Spinout formed to commercialize and market waterjet technology to create a guided fluid jet horizontal drilling system, for trenchless installation of utilities, such as fiber optic cable. IPO issued in 1985 and became UTILX in 1991. Retaken private in 2000, today it is part of $3.5 billion asset Tenska Power Fund, L.P.
  • Flow International Corporation [FLOW-NASDAQ]
    Origin of Waterjet cutting technology. Spin out to commercialize and market the waterjet process by producing a range of precision cutting tools. First formed as Flow Industries in 1983, merged with ADMAC in 1989 to form FLOW International. Set de facto standards for industry.
  • FloWind Corporation
    Spinout created with Sandia Labs. Brought first commercially viable wind energy turbine to market which was used to establish Northern California wind farm (Vertical Axis Wind Turbines or VAWT). In 2009 under China–US Ten-Year Energy and Environment Cooperation Framework. Company licensed to develop a 450 MW offshore VAWT to develop in the South China Sea, the planet’s first floating wind farm.
  • ADMAC, Inc.
    Spinout of ultra-high pressure rotating waterjet metal cleaning tools for the mining and construction industries. First IPO in 1985. Merged with Flow Industries in 1989 (also a spinout) to form Flow International [See above].
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