History and Future

Our continuing legacy of achievement

qi2historyQi2 is the third generation of one of the world’s most influential innovators in industrial tool development. Founded in 1970 as Flow Research, this first generation of our company was the source of invention for commercialized wind power, water jet cutting technology and many other industrial firsts. Through the creation of multiple industries and companies, Qi2 is collectively the genesis which has created greater than $4 billion in annual industry activity. We are enabling oil and gas inspection companies to navigate unpiggable pipelines and have provided military aviation with new, more sensitive inspection and detection technologies. In November 2010, Qi2 spun out its most recent commercial venture, Quest Metrology, LLC, which offers automated non-contact thread form measurement technology that is redefining what is possible for thread inspection.

Looking forward, as we service our customers with existing engineering services, we will continually strive to develop more "paradigm shift" technologies and novel solutions that deliver improved accuracy and performance.

History of technical development

1970 – 1985
1986 – 2007
2008 – 2010
2011 - Tomorrow


Qi2 is headquartered near Seattle, Washington, USA.  (Kent)

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